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System Requirements

> Windows XP/Vista/7

> Minimum:
2.5 GHz processor

> Recommended:
Dual-Core processor

> Ideal:
Quad-Core (or higher) processor

> Graphics/Sound:
DirectX 9.0c compatible with at least 64MB VRAM

Check you have permission from the copyright holder before playing/editing tracks you did not create yourself

BREAKING NEWS: Hit'n'Mix v2 announced!

Hit'n'Mix Play

  • Ground-breaking, unique and fun - Tears apart MP3s/CD tracks and unlocks their basic building blocks - the individual vocals, instruments, percussion & ambient noise!

  • Amazing creativity - Provides the power to change, mash up & remix the separated vocals/instruments/ percussion in new and exciting ways never thought possible.

  • Setting new standards - Save & open .Rip files, the revolutionary new audio file format.Click here to find out what is pioneering about .Rip files.

  • Paid version comparison:

  Play Paid
Open CD tracks & .wavs Yes Yes
Open MP3s 30 days Yes
Make notes (vocals/instruments) sound higher or lower Yes Yes
Copy and paste notes Yes Yes
Copy notes between tracks   Yes
Remove notes   Yes
View stunning visualizations Yes Yes
Create, save & open .Rip files Yes Yes
Add automatic harmonies   Yes
Draw expressive pitch bends   Yes
Export MP3s and .wav audio files   Yes
Shift stereo positions of notes   Yes
Apply quantize pitch effect Yes Yes
Add vibrato to notes Yes Yes
Edit noise and percussion Yes Yes
Drag notes earlier/later   Yes
Slow down/speed up notes   Yes
Make notes louder/quieter   Yes
Split notes   Yes
Adapt musical style 2 styles 8 styles
Adjust instrument playback levels   Yes
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